Aunt Jenny

Handle Set

These “clicker” pawls are designed to remain engaged in the teeth of the cog when folding, transporting or storing the loom. When advancing the warp the pawl is engaged and clicks into the cog as it rotates.

Now there are no more frustrating moments when your warp loosens unintentionally!

The cogs have 40 teeth (compared to the previous 32) for greater control over the warp tension.

The handle has been ergonomically designed for more comfort and grip when winding and tensioning your warp. Looms with these new clicker pawls have been manufactured and are now being shipped.

Specifically designed for either the Knitters Loom or The Rigid Heddle/Table Loom. Two different designs, please order correctly according to your loom.

Due to the design these cannot be retro-fitted to the previous model.

Each set includes 1x handle, 1x cog, 1x pawl and 1x pin

Click HERE for Knitters Looms Clicker Pawl flyer
Click HERE for Rigid Heddle Looms Clicker Pawl flyer
Click HERE for Table Looms Clicker Pawl flyer

To advance the warp when weaving - turn the back handle slightly, lift the pawl out of the teeth and advance your warp...

xx Aunt Jenny




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