Loom Stand for Sampleit Loom

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Loom Stand for Sampleit Loom available in both the 25cm and 40cm.

Free up precious space with this nifty loom stand specifically for the Sampleit 25cm and 40cm Loom.

Simple to assemble. Makes weaving on your favourite loom even easier.


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  • how do you measure the size of a sampleit loom I have one and want to buy the stand for it but not sure which one it is

    Hello Cheryl and thank you for your email.  Here is a link for a recently published blog about selecting the correct sized REED for your loom, it's not exactly the correct subject line but has the information you need.  BLOG To establish the correct size you need to be measuring the inside space between your reed supports.  There are some helpful pictures on the blog attached.  I hope this helps with your enquiry.  Many thanks Cheryl 


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