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Traveller Single Drive

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Traveller Double Treadle Single Drive Spinning Wheel

Small and beautiful, the ideal travelling companion.
- compact castle design
- 46cm (18ins) wheel
- built-in lazy kate
- double treadle 

This lightweight, compact castle wheel will spin fine to medium yarn using the 3 drive ratios and bulky yarn with the optional jumbo flyer. The wheel is easy to start with double treadles that are hinged to allow a comfortable heel-toe action. Ball bearings make treadling smooth and effortless.
The separate drive band and bobbin brake adjustment is easy to understand and simple to operate. Four bobbins are supplied and are quick and easy to change.

For a simple to follow, assembly instruction guide please click here


Wheel diameter 46cm (18ins)
Orifice 1cm 


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  • Does it fold up to suit caravan travel

    Hello and thank you for your question.  

    The Traveller has been designed so that it is compact, making it ideal as a travel companion.  It does not however fold.  

    Options for a wheel that folds would be the Ashford Joy 2, available in Single or Double Treadle which comes with a travel bag or the Kiwi 3, available as a Double Treadle only, which folds but does not have an available travel bag.

    I hope this helps you find your new spinning travel companion. 


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