Eknits Studio Scarves - Emma Kreukniet's fabulous french knitting creations

by Pinky Wittingslow August 30, 2018

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Eknits Studio Scarves - Emma Kreukniet's fabulous french knitting creations

Emma of Eknits Studio has a smile that would light up a room and that combined with her vibrant stylish and very mod creations served like a beacon of light to a moth for me at the Canberra Wool Expo this year. Oh I know, I said a bad word… I’ll try not to say the fibre-munching ‘M’ word again.

Back to the talented Emma…

It takes great talent to make something look so effortlessly beautiful and Emma achieves just that. Her scarves are all made using the french knitting technique with a professional twist because on close inspection you realise that with all the different sized yarns she uses and tubes she produces there’s an experienced balancing act going on there to create amazing eye-catching pieces.


Emma uses all sorts of interesting yarn, one of my favorites on the day was a piece she had made with a vibrant yellow paired perfectly with a sassy silver yarn; it was so eye-catching and full of character I may have embarrassed myself with my unrestrained enthusiastic ravings about it if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone around me was thinking the same thing.  It was so darn cool!!!


She takes pride in sourcing as much of her yarn as possible from Aussie yarn makers and dyers too because she finds that these yarn breath that extra bit of life into her work that you can’t always get from commercial yarns.

So what does Emma have to say about her craft?

Q: How does it make you feel when you are creating?

A: Well it keeps my mind busy and has been invaluable for fighting of crippling anxiety. Crafting calms me and distracts me.

Q: What inspired you to turn your textile journey into a business?

A: When I discovered how much french knitting was helping me fight anxiety I kept doing it until I looked around one day and though I better do something with all these yarn tubes!

Q: What was your first exposure to craft?

A: I think it was stamping, I remember doing that a lot with mum as a kid.

Now at this point Emma’s mum who was also there helps expand on her answer recalling fondly of how she would sit down with Emma on cold rainy days a do all sorts of craft together and that Emma did french knitting as a child using paddle pop sticks and loo tubes. Evidence, I think we can all agree, that primary school crafting is just as important as math or spelling!

Q: What is the most unusual thing you have made?

A: That would have to be an adult sized super grover costume for myself. I’ve also made a giant Minion floor cushion so I suppose you could say I’m into a bit of Artistic sewing.

Q: Lastly, what would you tell someone who is just starting out in your craft?

A: Try everything and fails can quite often be the best. My woven scarf was a fail, the tubes of French knitting got all tangled up on my lap and then all of a sudden I had that lightbulb moment!


closeup of woven french knitted scarf

As someone who also suffers from anxiety, as a lot of us do or have done at some stage, I think Emma deserves a special thank you for sharing her very personal answers with us. Crafting really is good for healing the soul isn’t it?

Thank you so much Emma xo

Where to find Eknits Studio

You can find the Eknits Studio Online Store on Etsy, follow on Instagram or pop over to the Facebook  where you can find out if Emma will be at a market near you soon as she is a wonderful person to get to meet in face to face. Facebook | Etsy | Instagram

- Pinky xo



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Love Aunt Jenny xo

Pinky Wittingslow
Pinky Wittingslow

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Diana Timpano
Diana Timpano

September 04, 2018

Very interesting. Such beautiful craft work.. Thank you for putting the Blog for us to see. Being a craft person myself I really enjoyed it.

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