Why buy from us

Spinning & Weaving is in our genes.

Well before my Grandparents started Ashford Wheels & Looms they were enjoying Aunt Jenny's stories, told around the table while enjoying a Sunday roast. Aunt Jenny's stories were passed down to her daughter Joy and then her daughter Gay and now me, Rewa. It's who we are.

Ashford is our family name.

We know the Ashford product range better than anyone else - My Grandfather started the Ashford business in 1934 and the wheels are still spinning today.

The perfect product guarantee

We know all our products inside out, making sure we match the right one for you. Hand Picked by Aunt Jenny is a great way to shop with peace of mind.

TLC is what we are about

We can help you keep your Wheel and Loom in great condition just ask Aunt Jenny.

Dispatched & delivered fast Australia wide.

We pack most orders next business day and we anticipate orders to arrive in 5-10 days across Australia.

Stock updates

Should an item that you have ordered be out of stock we will do our very best to notify you of this as soon as possible with an ETA of when you can expect your back order to be filled.

Shop online when it suits you

Keep your lunch break for lunch and browse and buy from our website 24/7

More than product we are creating a community

Join us through our Aunt Jenny Journey. follow our Facebook page to ensure you are kept up to date on all the new Products, stories, blogs and much more. 

Share your thoughts and be inspired Join Just Ask Jenny FB group. We listen and are learning all the time, we are here to grow with you.


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