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In the unlikely event there is a fault in the manufacturing of any part of an Ashford product purchased from an authorised Ashford dealer, Ashford Handicrafts New Zealand will replace that part if claimed within 12 months from the date of purchase. Here at Aunt Jenny we work with you to make this process easy and efficient.


All of our parcells are beautifuly presented however, should you require specific gift wrapping please email us before placing your order. We cannot guarantee gift wrapping but we can try our best.  

Absolutely! Just ensure that the delivery address is different from your billing address - we will ship to any address within Australia. 


All of our prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods and services tax).

Aunt Jenny pricing is in line with the recommended retail price for each item as defined by Ashford Handicrafts Ltd. New Zealand.

We do not offer wholesale accounts.

Please send Aunt Jenny an enquiry if you are considering an order for your club, school or next workshop we are only too happy to assist you with your project and budget.


Aunt Jenny is committed to making the purchase of your new items as simple as possible.  That is why we offer the following payment terms for your convenience:

- Visa/Debit Card

- Online Banking (please allow time for your payment to clear)

- PayPal

- Afterpay

Buy now, Enjoy now and Pay later with payment by Afterpay.

Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchases over 4 equal installments due every 2 weeks.

You must be over 18 years old and be the authorized holder of an eligible debit/credit card to use Afterpay.  

You get your Aunt Jenny order right away and pay in four equal fortnightly installments.

At checkout, simply select Afterpay as your payment method, 

First-time Afterpay customers will be charged the first of the four installments at the time of purchase. If you’ve used Afterpay before, your first installment will be charged 14 days from the date of purchase. The full payment schedule will be provided to you at the time of purchase.

Please note that Afterpay is only available on orders below $2,000AUD.

Aunt Jenny is not responsible for any overdue payments. All payments after checkout are handled directly by Afterpay. For more information, visit Afterpay’s complete terms & conditions.

No worries, credit cards aren't for everyone,

We accept a direct transfer and all our bank account details are provided at checkout should you select this option.

If you would prefer to have your order processed in person please call us on 026 100 3052 and Cheryl will take you through processing your order over the phone.

Payment by cheque is no longer available.

There could be a few reasons why your card has been declined:

- you could have insufficient funds;

- your card billing details may not have been entered correctly at checkout or your card has expired;

- your card issuer my have declined your payment, they do not tell us why so we would suggest your get in touch with your bank for further information;

- if none of these applies, then please contact us on enquiries@auntjenny.com.au


Aunt Jenny regards customer privacy as an important part of our relationship with our customers.

We use google analytics and remarketing cookies on our website so that we can improve your experience as a customer and your customer journey.

We only use this information to process orders, provide you with product updates and market to you based on your purchase history by providing new releases via emails.

Aunt Jenny does NOT pass on/sell/swap any of your personal details with anyone.

We are very happy to answer any questions you may have about your privacy via email enquiries@auntjenny.com.au


It can happen, you have just submitted your order then you remember you have forgotten something important for your project. In some cases we can simply add to your order and send you another order with free shipping.  If however your order has already been dispatched, then unfortunately we are unable to do this and you will have to submit a new order.  So be sure, when ordering that you have everything you need to avoid disapointment.  

SORRY it's now a thing of the past, Gay & David have taken up making wine in New Zealand and the property is no longer home to Ashford Australia. You can find Gay & David at Meniscus Wines on the side of hill in Akaroa, Banks Peninsular, New Zealand.

We now live here ONLINE and can be accessed be everyone, anywhere, anytime.

There are many fabulous Spinning & Weaving Groups scattered all around Australia. Try a google search to connect with one in your local area.

I'll try! Best thing is to send me an image and describe the problem in an email, I'lll usually do a bit of research on your behalf (I've got great contacts!) and get back to you with and answer ASAP.  Please email us at enquiries@auntjenny.com.au

I love this question, send me an enquiry I'll look back and see what she has bought recently and let you know the perfect gift to compliment her existing Ashford product. It'll be a great Birthday!

Carding FAQ'S

This depends on the fleece and what you want to do with it. You can process both suri and Huacaya fleeces on a 72ppi cloth which is fine for mixed micron batts for art yarn spinning or felting etc. However, if you want to spin a lovely fine yarn from your alpaca fleece, you will need a finer cloth such as the 120ppi on the Superfine Drum Carder or the 108ppi cloth available on our hand carders.

The cloth is placed onto the drum carders under tension using specialised machinery and is unable to be sold separately.

Ashford explicitly says don’t put greasy fleece through your drum carder, this is to stop grease build up which can also lead to dirt build up making it darn-near impossible to clean out once it is in amongst the tines (teeth). However, desperate times call for desperate measures when it comes to saving your carder. If the metal tines are corroded (snapping off) with rust you need a new cloth or carder. If it’s just lightly rusty running a washed but slightly greasy fleece through could be helpful or better still, use some clean roving sprayed/rubbed through with a bit of Ashford spinning wheel oil. If you live on the coast, it may be something you should add to your annual maintenance to stop your local salty climate getting to your carder.

This is a matter of preference, however, washing before processing will prevent the dirt from spreading. If you card a dirty fleece by hand carders you will need to wear and apron and you might like to lay down a drop cloth on the floor or work outside. If you are carding on the drum carder the dirt will build up around your feed tray and on the table you are setup on. Note that we classify dirt separately to grease. It is possible to wash dirt out at lower temperatures and the grease remains. See HOW TO WASH A FLEECE blog here.

They are very simple pieces of equipment;, if you clean your fibre before you card it and you store your drum carder out of direct sunlight and protect it from excessive humidity it will keep working for you for generations. The drive bands are replaceable and to be honest these are generally sold to the person the drum carder is passed onto!

Dyeing FAQ's

Ashford dyes, if used correctly, are non-hazardous to humans. They are weak acid dyes that are fixed with only common white vinegar and heat. Fibre, yarn and textiles dyed with the Ashford dyes can be worn against the skin without risk. We are in close co-operation with all our suppliers of dyes to ensure they are safe to use and wear. The dyes comply with the strict EU regulations and the manufacturers confirm that cloth dyed with the Ashford dyes can be certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This standard is the most widely known standard for certification of ecologically-safe clothing. Detailed information can be found under www.oekotex.com. The dyes pose no risk the environment if the dye liquid is neutralized with baking soda before disposal in the waste water system. Full instructions for the safe use and disposal of the dyes are included with the dyes. We wish you much fun using our products to realize your creative ideas!

Ashford yarns are dyed using Oeko-Tex compliant dyes. The mills confirm that all dyes used to produce the Ashford ranges of yarn comply with the strict EU regulations and garments made from Ashford yarns can be certified under the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This standard is the most widely known standard for certification of ecologically-safe clothing. Detailed information can be found under www.oekotex.com. We wish you much fun using our products to realize your creative ideas!

The dyes are very strong so it's easy to get mud (or rusty shades). When you use the rainbow dye method with the correct quantities, and instructions... a wonderful spectrum of colour is produced. The slower you cook the pot, the clearer the colours.

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