Felt away the COVID blues.

by Gay Epstein April 03, 2020

Felt away the COVID blues.

So far I've only found the 4 corner pieces! But I did get distracted making this magic wrap. Hoping to keep away the COVID blues!!!

I'm wearing a wrap that I made inspired by Jackson Pollock and his painting titled "Blue Poles", one of my favourites that hangs in the National Gallery in Canberra. It's huge at close to 5 meters wide and 2 meters high.

This magic wrap was loads of fun to make especially when the solvie disappears. It's like magic! So simple to create that I confess when I looked in my fibre stash I found I had just the right colours.

1. Place a long, wide piece of plastic solve onto a dry table.

2. working on only 1/2 of the surface length, keep the top half clear as it will fold over to create a sandwich later.

3. tease out the black sliver overlapping pieces about 10cm long to cover length

4. arrange lengths of yarn on top of the black sliver letting them fall into swirls - follow the photograph of Blue Poles to get the idea - it's very abstract

5. tease out the wool finely and add areas to lock down yarn, make sure there are no bald patches (holes)

6. fold over the plastic solve so the yarn is now sandwiched in between

7. pin or tack the layers together

8. using a sewing machine in a free motion sew all over the scarf, the sewing needs to be close enough so that all the pieces are held together.

9. the plastic may puker up but DON'T WORRY it will disappear in water

10. Now for the magic!

11. place wrap in a sink of warm water - "magic-a-dabra" - the plastic dissolves!

12. rise and lay flat to dry

13. if you find any holes once the scarf is dry work over with some sliver and a felting needle and foam. 

14. add a pin and wear with a smile!

I've poured myself a glass of our Meniscus 19 Reisling the perfect companion to a 1000 piece puzzle!

 Cheers Gay xx

Close up detail of magic wrap.

All you need is a few colours and a great abstract painting for inspiration.


Gay Epstein
Gay Epstein

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