Splash out and create some waves.

by Rewa Nolan May 18, 2020

Splash out and create some waves.

Creating waves in your weaving is so easy to do.

Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with the Ashford wavy shuttles. You can use these shuttles with any Ashford looms.

The shuttles have different size waves on each side and have a smooth lacquered finish. 

 Wavy Shuttle

These shuttles will are available in 3 lengths:

Wavy Stick Shuttle Small 40cm (16") 
Wavy Stick Shuttle Medium 50cm (20")
Wavy Stick Shuttle Large 70cm (28")

Recommended Size for Each Loom

SMALL 40cm:
  • SampleIt 25cm
  • Knitters Loom 30cm
  • Small Weaving Frame
  • Katie Table Loom
MEDIUM 50cm:
  • Rigid Heddle Loom 40cm
  • Knitters Loom 50cm
  • SampleIt 40cm
  • Large Weaving Frame
  • 8 Shaft Table Loom 41cm
  • 4 Shaft Table Loom 41cm
LARGE 70cm:
  • Rigid Heddle Loom 60cm
  • Knitters Loom 70cm
  • 8 Shaft Table Loom 61cm
  • 16 Shaft Table Loom 60cm


NOTE: The large weaving width looms are not listed however, you can still use the LARGE 70cm wavy shuttle, it will take multiple beats and careful attention to aligning the pattern.

So easy to use, the shape of the shuttle creates the waves, weave as you would normally.

Wavy Shuttle example


Wavy Shuttle example2


Splash out and create some waves in your next project!

Why not share your next creation with the Aunt Jenny Community.

Rewa Nolan
Rewa Nolan

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