The Very Hungry Caterpillar

by Rewa Nolan April 24, 2020

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

"We love Caterpillar Cotton, Butterflies and
visits up to Grandma's..."

The pages are well worn and the story has been passed down from generation to generation. One of my favourites with the book still on our bookshelf just waiting for its pages to be turned again.

My daughter Molly's first word was Caterpillar - well she said "kaka-pikka" pointing to a caterpillar making its way down the stem of a giant sunflower.
My son Finn on the other hand, his first word was "iPad" which I think says more about how my parenting changed with the introduction of a second child.

All this said we still love Caterpillars and visits up to Grandma's who is affectionately known at the "Monarch Midwife". We can watch the life cycle unfold in front of our eyes as they emerge as Butterflies from their chrysalises and beat their wings dry before they take their first flight, usually landing back on someone's nose!
All this said about a very hungry caterpillar I wanted to introduce you to the NEW Caterpillar Cotton that makes weaving such a pleasure.

Such a simple way to add colour and texture to your projects.


It's 100% cotton variegated dyed yarn with a beautiful crimpy, spiral plied texture.

Lovely and lightweight - perfect for weaving, knitting and crochet.

So soft and great to work with. Voluminous but not heavy with twice the bulk for the weight of the yarn.

Use alone or in combination with any of our solid colour cottons. 

Creates a woven fabric that is so light and soft, lovely to wear against the skin.

I can imagine even the Hungry Caterpillar himself would look smart in a woven jacket made to fit.

With 7 colours that are fit for the most beautiful of butterflies!
Choose from Ocean, Berries, Paua, Citrus, Inferno, Cookies n Cream and of course White I can't wait to see what sort of projects you can create with this. 
Be sure to share a pic with our Aunt Jenny Community on Facebook where all our best secrets are kept! 
CATERPILLAR COTTON shop now with Aunt Jenny
The author is unknown but behind such beautiful words must be a beautiful person. 
"Love is like a butterfly.
It goes where it pleases,
and it pleases wherever it goes."
Go and spread your colourful creative wings!
Rewa xx
Rewa Nolan
Rewa Nolan

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