Here at Aunt Jenny, we know exactly how disappointing it feels to know exactly what you want, have saved all your pennies to then find out you have to wait for your new Ashford product to come off the production line! (insert scream of disappointment)

Today the Ashford factory production runs are short and often to keep up with this demand. Grandfather Walter would be thrilled to see the high global demand for his legacy, Ashford Wheels and Looms. And I know Grandma Joy would be saying "...but we can't keep them waiting Walter." 

With that said here at Aunt Jenny we are all about making it simple, so if your item is a PRE ORDER item then let us reward your patience with a $50 GIFT CARD towards the next thing on your wish list at Aunt Jenny. 

"Patience is a virtue", Grandma Joy would say as she sat knitting, plying, or weaving her way through her next project.

Spread the word and pass on this link to anyone you know who might like to have their patience rewarded - we would love you in our world of crafted living.

xx Rewa and the team at Aunt Jenny.

* minimum order of $250 applies and the product must be a PRE ORDER item -  if your item has just come into stock at the time of purchase (yay) however you will not be eligible for a $50 gift.

*OFFER starts from the 26th of February 2024 and can be cancelled at any time.

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