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So you want to start weaving, but your not sure where to start. There is so many sizes, and styles and prices. How to you settle on which weaving loom to buy. There are a few things criteria you need to evaluate when buying a weaving loom. How much room do you have for the loom in your house. What are you wanting to make on the loom? What is your budget? How handy are you at putting things together? And how many patterns do you want to be able to create. These criteria will point you towards the right weaving loom for you needs.

Starter kits are a great way to get started, they make a great gift at a great price. Get it out of the packet and hang it on the wall within the hour.  This weaving frame is a great for starting out. The more shafts the greater variety of patterns you can create. They come 4, 8, and 16. Katie loom, knitter loom and start kits come ready to use out of the box. Where are the others looms require assembly but are well worth the effort and allow you to build your love affair of weaving from the ground up. All of our weaving looms can be accessorised to your hearts content with loom stands, reeds, fibers and shuttles which you can find here.

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