Meet Aunt Jenny

Ashford Australia is so proud to introduce Aunt Jenny...

We are still the same great company you have been shopping with for years, only now we are introducing you to a new set of hands.

Aunt Jenny will provide you with the same quality Ashford products you know, trust and love and will be here for you on your journey with handcrafts. Connect, learn and grow with the Aunt Jenny community.

Meet Aunt Jenny, inspired by the true story of Jennifer R. Shaw - Aunt Jenny to all that knew her.


Always writing on anything she could get her hands on, using her beautiful typewriter to then set the spaces between the words before publishing. Jenny could sew a fine pair of milking trousers from an old wedding dress and whip up a pav with warm eggs from the chook run.

Handy in every way, she passed this on to her daughter Joy. Joy and her husband Walter Ashford together founded Ashford Handicrafts in 1934 some 83 years ago. They had a daughter called Gay who brought Ashford Australia to life in1984, 33yrs ago and it is Gay’s Daughter Rewa the current Director who is introducing Aunt jenny. 

So you see these days, Aunt Jenny really is in all of us. Big hearts full of passion for what we love to do with our hands.

Our family tree has extended above and beyond with our staff and you our loyal customer. We are so excited to share our story and invite you to share yours. With generations of experience and expertise under her hat, you are in great hands with Aunt Jenny. xx

AUNT JENNY - the home of crafted living 

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