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Ashford Rainbow Dye Collection

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Contains 3 primary colours - Scarlet, Blue and Yellow and one pot dyeing instructions.
Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow.
The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up! 


Rainbow Wool Dye Kit 3 x 10g tubs - Scarlet, Yellow and Blue
Rainbow Wool Dye Kit 3 x 50g tubs - Scarlet, Yellow and Blue

The dyes are safe and easy to use and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 


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  • If you don't use up all of the dyes at the time they are made up, how long can they be kept & used?

    Thank you for your question.

    As far as I know, the powder will keep indefinitely as long as they are in a cool dry place. 

    If the dye is made up with the vinegar I would say a few weeks, if made up without the vinegar added then a lot longer. 

    This, of course, depends on the storage conditions.

    Thank you

  • Does the kit come with instructions/formula for achieving a spectrum of colours from the three primary colours?

    Thank you for your question, 

    Yes, the kit comes with everything you need including instructions and formulas to create the desired colours. 

    Thank you
    Aunt Jenny


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