Exciting new products arriving just in time for Christmas for both Spinners and Weavers!

by Pinky Wittingslow September 21, 2018

Exciting new products arriving just in time for Christmas for both Spinners and Weavers!

Just when you thought you had it all, the Ashford factory has made us some wonderful new toys to play with!

First on the list, drum roll please.....

Introducing the JUMBO eSPINNER!

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This sexy beast is the answer to all your Art Yarn problems!

It's like the Country Spinner and and eSpinner 3 have had a baby together. This baby has the super size flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 and power, versatility and portability of the e-Spinner 3 - what more could you want?

Designed for you to spin all yarns - fine yarns, chunky yarns, creative yarns, textured yarns and of course all your plying.



  • Convenient spinning and plying with a super size sliding hook flyer
  • Frictionless yarn guides
  • 27mm (1⅛") orifice and two additional reducer bushes - 15mm (⅝") and 9mm (⅜") 
  • Quick and easy bobbin change with snap-in flyer bearings
  • Belt driven bobbin lead with a soft leather flyer brake 
  • Includes one huge 3lb capacity bobbin
  • Includes padded carry bag
  • 12V power pack with interchangeable wall plugs
  • Includes an on/off foot switch and a bottle of our spinning wheel oil
  • Weighs only 3.65kg (8lb)
  • Compact 39.5cm x 25cm x 32.5cm (15½" x 9¾" x 12¾") size
  • Smooth lacquer finish

The e-Spinner Super Jumbo has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp motor with soft start and infinitely variable flyer speed of 0-500 rpm to control and manipulate the yarn. Go as slow as you want or as fast as you want! 


Optional extras:

  • 12 volt car cord enables you to use it in your car, caravan, RV or boat,
  • standard country spinner bobbins,
  • special 2 bobbin lazy kate.

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The estimated time of arrival for these babies is early November and the price is yet to be finalized however, you can pop over to our product listing to sign up to be notified when it becomes available


The next new product on our list has the weaver's comfort in mind, especially for those with sore joints or hindered hand strength.


Introducing the HANDI HANDLE

Get your hand handle now

Don't you just love the name?!

This "handi" tool is designed for weavers with impaired physical strength or limited hand mobility to assist when turning the handles to advance the warp on Ashford looms. The handi handle is simply placed over the existing nylon handle of your loom and turned gently.  This is brilliant for tired or sore or stiff hands!


PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend only using sufficient warp tension for your project. Do not over-tighten. Too much tension will make weaving harder, reduce the shed, break warp threads  or could damage your loom. 

Sold individually, the Handi Handles comes in two sizes:

  • HH65 - Handi Handles Small - for Katie, Knitters and SampleIt Looms
HH85 -
  • Handi Handles Large - for Standard Rigid Heddle and Table Looms

The Handi Handles are are available in stock now for just $32. Buy yours here.


Last but not least we have another toy for the weavers...


Introducing the WAVY SHUTTLE!

Be still my heart...

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Create interesting and decorative patterns by beating the weft into place with our wavy shuttles. You can use these shuttles with any Ashford looms.

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The shuttles have different size waves on each side and have a smooth lacquered finish. 

These shuttles are available in 3 lengths:

  • Wavy Stick Shuttle Small 40cm (16")
  • Wavy Stick Shuttle Medium 50cm (20")
  • Wavy Stick Shuttle Large 70cm (28")

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Shuttles will be ready for dispatch by October 1st 2018 - Just in time for Christmas. You can sign up to receive an email notification as soon as the shuttles are in stock here.





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Love Aunt Jenny xo

Pinky Wittingslow
Pinky Wittingslow

Pinky is a serial crafter who has devoted her life to making and teaching all things textiles because she truly believes we can craft ourselves to better health and a better world.

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