by Pinky Wittingslow September 28, 2018


The COMPLETE Weaving Kit is back! 

Preorders are being taken now.

Due to the huge success of last years promotion - we are happy to offer you the Complete Weaving Kit again!

This is a limited time offer - orders must be in by October 31st

This popular kit will be available to PRE-ORDER up until October 31st and we will ship to you beginning on November 1st.

Maybe it's the fact you get more bang for your buck; your yarn goes further with weaving as opposed to knitting an crochet which take more yardage. Or maybe it's the fact you can finish a whole scarf in just an afternoon? It definitely has something to do with the fact it is a basic skill we are all born with; we are all natural weavers and you don't need to learn complicated stitches and terms to make your first project.

With the huge increase in the popularity of weaving, Ashford have designed a kit which will take the hassle out of buying gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Ideal for those who have an interest in trying out, taking up or just dabbling in weaving for wholesome therapy.

What we love so much about this kit is that it's so much easier to point your spouse in the right direction; the products are all there so they don't have to hunt them down on the website, complain that it's too hard, give up and get you a new toaster instead of what you really want. It all comes in a tidy and easy-to-wrap box too!


Give them this link and you're set! PRE-ORDER THE COMPLETE WEAVING KIT


Of course, you can buy it for yourself; scarves are quick and easy to make and you would have time to make a few before Christmas as gifts. A totally justifiable early Christmas gift to yourself we say. Haha!  It's not just scarves either; you can weave strips and sew them together to make blankets, clothing and bags. It's also great for making wall hangings, table runners and cushion covers!


preorder now

It’s the perfect gift - affordable, easy, fun and really is the
gift that keeps on giving!


This new kit is available to PRE-ORDER up until October 20th and will ship to you from the start of November in good time for Christmas.


The Complete Weaving Kit includes:
  • 40cm (16") SampleIt Loom
  • Canvas carry bag to fit the 40cm (16") loom and accessories
  • Two 30/10cm (7.5dpi) reeds – for double weave projects
  • One 50/10cm (12.5dpi) reed for finer yarns
  • 2 Shuttles
  • 2 Pick Up sticks - for pattern techniques and double heddle weaving
  • Warping Peg and Clamps
  • Finishing Wax
  • Learn to Weave on the SampleIt Loom booklet
  • The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving - full of ideas and techniques!

But wait, there's more – the kit also includes yarn and full instructions for the first project...

Yarn and instructions included in the kit

  • Two balls of Ashford 8ply Tekapo Yarn - a lovely DK weight yarn in Natural White and Charcoal
  • Full instructions to weave either a sophisticated Houndstooth or stunning Log Cabin scarf
  • We have even included the cotton yarn to leash on with!

The Complete Weaving kit is excellent value at just $339.00. 


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Love Aunt Jenny xo

Pinky Wittingslow
Pinky Wittingslow

Pinky is a serial crafter who has devoted her life to making and teaching all things textiles because she truly believes we can craft ourselves to better health and a better world.

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