SANITY SAVER: Escape to the wilderness

by Pinky Wittingslow October 05, 2018

SANITY SAVER: Escape to the wilderness

Ahhh, School holidays, YAY! … said no parent ever. Or grandparent for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids but after the first week, of having to entertain them at home while trying to keep the house and work in order, my sanity levels were getting rather low. We needed to get out of the house, burn off some energy and just get some fresh air!

This all sounded great but I also really desperately wanted to spin. Climbing trees is my kid's zen but mine has always been crafting.


But you know I have the prefect answer don’t you? Because clearly I survived the weekend to write this blog!

Walking in the bush with the portable Joy Spinning Wheel
I loaded the kids, a picnic and my sweet little Joy spinning wheel in the car and took the kids for a drive in the countryside.  

Toasting Marshmallows
We stuffed ourselves with a yummy picnic lunch and enough toasted marshmallows to turn into one and then I found the perfect tree stump seat, set myself up and let them run feral in the bush around me.

Tree stump seat

They found critter holes, climbed trees and hunted for fairies while I watched, span and breathed in the sanity of having my cake and eating it!

Pinky Spinning on the Joy
Having my super portable beautiful little Joy Spinning Wheel helps me feel like I get to do a bit of what I want to instead of just constantly filling the demands of a young family.

Don’t worry, I did pause to join in a game of hide and seek and stick-swords and the kids had a go of spinning when I swapped bobbins too.

Silly faces

It was a truly magical and refreshing day!

Next school holidays we'll have lots of trips out to the bush. Not only will I take my Joy but I’ll be taking my Knitters Loom in it’s carry bag so I can weave my freshly spun yarns while the kids play too. Bliss!

Joy in the bushHow about you? Do you need to craft for sanity? Maybe you taken on the grandkids to give mum or dad a break? With the right tools you don’t have to sacrifice your craft time.

Check out the Joy Spinning Wheel here and the super cool foldable Knitters Looms here.



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Love Aunt Jenny xo

Pinky Wittingslow
Pinky Wittingslow

Pinky is a serial crafter who has devoted her life to making and teaching all things textiles because she truly believes we can craft ourselves to better health and a better world.

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