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Rigid Heddle Looms

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Rigid Heddle Looms

  • Affordable and versatile
  • quick and easy to warp and weave
  • portable
  • double heddle option
  • 4 widths 

Everything is included in the kit. Quick and easy to assemble and warp. The Rigid Heddle is a great introduction to hand weaving but is also very versatile.

Create beautiful and unique garments and homeware. With colour and texture weave unique fabrics or with pick-up sticks create beautiful designs.

The loom can also make woven tapestries and wall hangings. Made from Silver Beech hardwood the loom is very strong and robust.

Second Heddle Kit now included with ALL Rigid Heddle Looms -Having a second heddle allows you the flexibility to weave double the width, double layer, double density fabrics as well as allowing you to do exciting patterns and techniques like "The Moorman"

Indirect Warping Option: 
All Standard Rigid Heddle Looms now have pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the rails so you can use your loom as a warping frame for the indirect warping method.  You can purchase a set of 14 pegs HERE if you wish to use your Loom this way.  


Available in four weaving widths
40, 60, 80 and 120cm** (16, 24, 32, 48ins)


Included accessories

  • Reed nylon 7.5dpi (30/10)
  • 2x natural shuttles
    • 40cm (16") - 46cm (18")
    • 60cm (24") - 56cm (22")
    • 80cm (32") - 56cm, 76cm (22", 30")
    • 120cm (48ins) - 120cm (48")
  • step by step instruction booklet
  • threading hook,
  • warping peg and clamp 
  • now double your weaving width with the second Heddle Kit 

*If you would like to know which accessories can be used with either product please click here:

How is the Rigid Heddle Loom different from the Sampleit Loom?

The Rigid Heddle Loom is heavier and therefore more timber component, also more versatile as you can add the freedom roller and table stand.  The Second Heddle Kit is now also included.  

The Sampleit Loom is lighter and has Second Heddle kit built in, you cannot add freedom roller or table stand etc to the Sampleit looms.

Useful Document Links:

solo warping instructions
assembly instructions for rigid heddle loom
suggested setts for ashford yarns



Ask a Question
  • Hi, if I bought an 80cm loom, could I still use it to make narrower projects? I would like to make scarves but also larger pieces. Thanks

    Absolutely, the 80cm weaving width is very versatile and can be used in many ways. You can divide the width up and weave a couple of scarves at the same time or just warp a narrow section to suit the width that you want. It is super easy and great fun.

  • What is the difference between the rigid heddle loom and the sampleit loom? Does the rigid heddle loom come with the same accessories as the sampleit loom? thank you

    Both the Rigid Heddle and the Sampleit Loom use a rigid heddle to weave with. The Sampleit Loom is the narrowest of the Rigid Heddle Looms available and can be used to quickly warp up and sample a pattern before commiting to a wider warp on a larger loom. The Rigid Heddle Loom comes with the same accessories as the Sampleit Loom, there are also additional accessories available such as, 2nd heddle kits, vari dent reeds, larger and smaller dpi reeds, table and floor stands, shuttles, carry bags and instructional books.
    The Sampleit Loom is 25cm wide and the Rigid Heddle is available in widths of, 40, 60, 80 and 120cm.

  • What is the difference between a knitter loom and a rigid heddle loom?

    I love this question, if you were to look at the end product made on each of these looms you would not be able to tell which one you made it on. The difference comes in how wide you want to weave as the two looms come in different sizes. The Rigid Heddle is available in 20, 40, 60, 80, 120cm widths and The Knitters Loom 30, 50, 70cm widths. The second difference is that the Knitters Loom is ready assembled, take it out of its box, add your warp and start weaving straight away. With the Rigid Heddle you will have to get to know her piece by piece as you assemble her before you start your first project. The Knitters Loom can be folded with your project in place and easily transported to and from class or taken on holiday. Both are great, there is a different price range for each as the Knitters Loom is assembled, lacquered and collapsable. Both have the same great range of accessories available, loom stands, second heddle kits, additional reeds and stick shuttles. You might like to view some of the looms in action here.

  • I have a RH800 loom and wanting a fine dent Reed do you have this?

    Hello Brian

    Great Question! Nylon Reeds - (Rigid Heddle Reeds) are available in the following sizes:

    2.5dpi (10/10) - recommended for 14 ply, fleece rub, fabric weaving, art yarns
    5dpi (20/10) - recommended for 12 ply, fleece rug, fabric weaving, thick yarns
    7.5dpi (30/10) - recommended for 8ply, double knit, novelty yarns most projects
    10dpi (40/10) - recommended for 4ply yarn
    12.5dpi (50/10) - recommended for fine 2plys, cottons, silk etc.
    15dpi (60/10) - recommended for fine 2plys, cotton, silk etc.

    You will be looking for either the 12.5dpi or 15dpi.

    The extra fine 12.5dpi (50/10cm) reed and NEW 15dpi (60/10cm) super fine reed is also now available. Made from strong, durable nylon with Silver Beech rails and the reeds come in 20, 25, 40, 60, 80 and 120cm (8,10,16, 24, 32 and 48ins) widths. 

    You can find the Rigid Heddle Reeds using the following link:

    Thank you
    Aunt Jenny

  • Hi, So if I understand the information correctly, with the rigid heddle loom if I purchase the 60 cm width, I can actually weave double that width (120cm) using a second heddle?

    Hello and thank you for your question, 

    Yes, you are absolutely correct.  All Rigid Heddle Looms now come with a build in Second Heddle kit allowing you to produce a double weave.  There is a bit more in terms of technique to work out but once you have that sorted, all you need is another reed identical to the one you already have and you will double your ends per inch.  For example, two 12.5dpi (50/10) reeds will give you an amazing 25 ends per inch (100/10).  Put another way, you can produce 120cm on a 60cm Loom.  In effect, you are creating 2 layers at the same time, one side closed, the other open.  Once finished and you take off the loom, you open up and see your project is now twice the width of the loom. 

    I hope you find this helpful. 

    Kind regards

  • I’m a beginner and would like to learn to make clothing items and mats etc ,,, I’m thinking the rigid heddle loom would be more suitable for me ???? Or am I being to ambitious and should be thinking more knitters loom ???

    Hello and thank you for your question. 

    You are not at all being over-ambitious.  The Rigid Heddle is a great choice over the knitters Loom especially if you are wishing to expand on your skills as you learn the craft (which is addictive btw) 

    The Knitters Looms is certainly great if you are looking for something a little more portable, having said that the Rigid Heddle Loom goes everywhere with me. 

    The Knitters Loom and the Rigid Heddle Loom both function in exactly the same way. They all include everything you need to start weaving, except yarn.  The differences between the two looms are:

    Knitters Looms come assembled, Rigid Heddle Looms require assembly. 

    Knitters Looms have a factory lacquer finish, Rigid Heddle Looms require finishing (usually with the Ashford Finishing Wax)

    Knitters Looms fold with weaving in place for storage or travel, the Rigid Heddle do not. 

    Knitters Looms come with a carry bag, Rigid Heddle do not.   

    The main advantage however with the Rigid Heddle are the additions you can add to your Rigid Heddle Loom which you cannot with the Knitters Loom, such as the Table Loom Stand and the Freedom Roller.  

    We would recommend the Rigid Heddle Loom to all new weavers because it is so easy to use but still very versatile.  You can weave from fine cotton to fleece or rag rugs on a Rigid Heddle.  

    We would also suggest the Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving, this is an extremely helpful book especially for beginners with some very cool projects and techniques to get you started

    I hope this is helpful. 

    Thank you 

  • Does the rigid needle loom 60cm come with the stand shown Please confirm

    Thank you for your question. 
    The stand shown in the pictures are for illustration only. You can purchase either the Rigid Heddle Table Stand using the following LINK or the Rigid Heddle Loom Stand (as shown in the pictures) using this LINK 
    Many thanks
    Aunt Jenny 

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