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Needle felting is easy and quick with endless possibilities to create beautiful and unique flat and 3-D art forms. This form of dry felting just needs fibre and felting needles. The needles are made from high-quality carbon steel. They are available in 4 gauges. Including a reverse barb option, designed to pull fibre out of an object rather than push it in, ideal for creating fur or hair.

Our needle felting punches can safely store 3 or 5 needles for even quicker felting. The punch is made from Silver Beech hardwood and has a turned comfortable hollow handle.
Which needle is right for me?

Triangular Felting Needles - Barbs on 3 sides

32 Gauge - This is a sturdy needle good for working with coarse fibres and firmly attaching pieces. Not great for detail or a neat surface.

36 Gauge - A good needle for making the bulk of a 3D piece and again, attaching pieces well. Not good for any detail work.

40 Gauge - A fine needle for detail work and getting a neat surface. Best not to use it when working with coarse fibres or for rough sculpting/bulk work.

Star Felting Needles - Barbs on 4 sides

38 Gauge - Similar to the 36 Star but also good for slightly finer work and finer wools. This is a great all-around needle which works well for doing bulk sculpting work and adding detail and is, therefore, the needle we have in our kits.

Spiral Felting Needles - Barbs that twist around the needle

36 Gauge - The barbs on these needles twist around the end. This makes them felt quickly and gives a neat finish minimising the surface holes you can get with other needles. They are less good for doing bulk sculpting work.

Reverse Felting Needles
The barbs on these needles go the other way, pulling the fibres out rather than pushing them in. This is useful to create a fluffy finish on a well-felted piece.


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