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Inkle Looms

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For warp-faced braids and bands

- 2 models
- very portable
- strong design for high tension warps
- tension adjustment

The loom is designed to create long, very strong braids. Weave intricate patterns and embellish with different types of yarns, beads and colours. Make trims, tassels, bands, straps, chokers, dog leads and more. The warp tension can be adjusted with the adjusting block. The loom is made from Silver Beech hard wood and strongly constructed. Compact size for portability and easy storage. Belt shuttle included. 

Two sizes
Inkle Loom warp length up to 280cm (110")

Inklette warp length up to 180cm (72")

Download these great LEARN HOW TO WEAVE tutorial booklets and see how easy it is to get started.

Learn to Weave on the Inkle Loom
Learn to Weave on the Inklette Loom


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  • Hi Jenny, can your Inkle looms be used for card weaving? If so, do you sell the cards and how many are in the pack and at what cost? I'm only just starting my journey in weaving and doing research at this point. Love your products and site. Kind regards Hanne

    Hi Hanne, Thank you! Yes you sure can card weave on the Inkle looms! Now, card weaving is also known as 'tablet weaving' so I suggest using both terms to search in Youtube and you will find many excellent videos on how to get started doing exactly what you have in mind. We don't sell the 'Tablets' (or cards) as you can make these very easily with an old deck of cards and a hole punch. You just cut your playing cards down to squares and pop a hole in each corner. It's so much fun you will be itching to start once you see a few videos. Happy crafting Hanne! - Aunt Jenny xo


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