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Second Back Beam

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The second back roller and beam provides perfect tension when warping with different yarn types on the table loom. Easy to attach. 


Available in three widths 40, 60, 80cm wide (16, 24, 32ins).


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  • Hi there, I have an Ashford table loom and would like to get a second back beam to assist with separately tensioning of different warp yarns. I have looked at the picture of this on your website and it leaves me wondering 1 how does the 2nd beam attach 2 how is it tensioned as there doesn't appear to be a handle with which to do this Any other info that might be useful to me in making a decision. Kind regards,

    The Second Back Beam works independently to the first beam when you adjust its tension, it has its own handle (pawl) which you cannot see on the image, it is on the other side to avoid clutter and it hitting against your original Pawl.  I have attached for your reference the assembly guide which should hopefully help with your questions and help to understand its set up more.


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