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Vari Dent Reed

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Now you can have complete creativity warping your rigid heddle loom! Include your art yarn; warp thick, thin and anything in-between yarns to create artistic scarves, shawls and decorative homeware.

The Vari Dent Reed has been designed to fit our Rigid Heddle Looms 40, 60 and 80cm (16, 24 and 32"), Knitters Looms 30, 50 and 70cm (12, 20 and 28") and the SampleIt Looms both 20cm and 25cm.

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  • Hello am wanting to buy a vari dent reed for my rigid heddle loom The reed I have that fits is wood measurement wood 33” and plastic just over 33” would it be a 32” in the vari dent that I order ? Thank you 😊

    Hello and thank you for your question.  From the measurements you have provided I would like to think that you have the Rigid Heddle Loom 80cm (32") however to be sure you are selecting the correct reed for your loom, please refer to a recent blog posted by our very knowledgeable Pinky.  Please see the attached LINK

  • Hello, I have a question about the Vari Dent Reed. For Rigid Heddle Loom 60cm: 24" Each individual reed dpi has total 4 pieces (Small 2 of 2" each and Large 2 of 4" ) So if placed side by side they will fill only Half of the reed length, right?

    Hello and thank you for your question.  Yes, you are correct, there will not be enough individual sections of the same DPI to fill the entire width of the reed.  If you would like the same DPI for the entire length of the reed then I would suggest you purchase the Rigid Heddle 60cm Reed which can be found HERE. Sorry there is no solution to this option using the Vari Dent Reed and we do not sell the sections separately, the sections are only sold in the Reed kit.  The Vari Dent Reeds are made so that different dpi sections can be used in the same reed allowing different weight yarns to be used in the same warp. 
    I hope this helps clarify your question. 
    Kind regards
    Aunt Jenny 


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